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Ladies Leave These Friends At HOME!

We’ve all been there. You plan what you know is the ultimate girls trip. You book your flight, pack your bags, and head to your destination anticipating a stress-free, relaxing vacation. But you can’t.

There are one or two “friends” who have you wondering if you should’ve just traveled solo or simply left them off of the group text when you extended the invite.

Here are some examples of the types of friends who need to be left behind the next time you plan a getaway.

The “Broke” Friend

This is the chick who knows that she doesn’t have the money, but doesn’t want to be left out. So, she scrapes up just enough to get to the destination and then expects you to help carry her for the rest of the trip because she “didn’t know it would be this expensive.” Not today, Satan!

I shouldn’t have to come out of pocket for you unless we’re celebrating your birthday or an emergency arises (such as you losing your wallet). And even then, it’s out of the kindness of my heart and not out of obligation. Next time, don’t ask. You can’t come.

The “Calculator” Friend

This friend isn’t broke like your last friend. Nah, she just doesn’t believe in paying one ONE PENNY outside of her part of the bill. She is literally sitting at the table with her iPhone calculator open, ready to tell everyone how much they owe EXACTLY (plus tax and tip). There is never a compromise. If you say, “Let’s just split the check down the middle or three ways,” the “calculator” friend isn’t having it.

She wants to make sure that she’s not taking on any of your portion of the expenses because “that’s not fair.” Obviously, there should be exceptions. If you order the hot wings and I order a bottle of champagne, clearly I should take on that bill. But don’t nickel and dime me, sweetie! Put your debit card on the table and your calculator back in your purse!

The “Lit” Friend

Don’t blame it on the alcohol. Blame it on your lack of maturity because you knew as soon as you drank too much brown liquor, all hell was gonna break loose! This friend has either gotten so drunk that she’s developed imaginary superhuman powers and thinks that she can fight everybody or she is stumbling, loud, and belligerent to the point where you have to step in and get her back to the room before the both of you catch a case! I CANNOT AND I WILL NOT!

If you are what I call an “amateur drinker” and have a low alcohol tolerance, learn when to say when and stop ruining everybody’s fun!

The “Stationary” Friend

This friend has the luxury of traveling all the way across the world but doesn’t want to leave the hotel or resort. WHY. ARE. YOU. HERE?!

There is so much we learn about ourselves by visiting new places and meeting people who look nothing like us. Traveling is about exploring the unknown and discovering new cultures! How are you gonna do that if you’re either sleeping, posted up in the lobby (because that’s the only place the Wi-Fi works) glued to social media, or laying by the pool all day?! You really got a whole passport stamp just to do nothing?! Girl, bye!

The “Dangerously In Love” Friend

She’s the friend with a love interest (whether it be a dating relationship, boyfriend, or husband) that spends the entire trip on the phone with her significant other. It is understandable that you may want to check in with your love to make sure that all is well or that the kids are fine, etc. But more than two or three calls in a day and uh…he’s stalking you, boo!

I was actually on vacation with a girl who’s husband called (for the third time in one day) just to ask where a particular spice was in the cabinet so that he could cook! If you’re with someone overly possessive or you’re so in looooove that you can’t bear not talking to your significant other every 30 minutes, STAY AT HOME WITH HIM! You’re neglecting yourself and all that can be experienced on your vacation. Not to mention you’re neglecting the person(s) who came along with you!

Have you ever traveled with any of these friends? Which one are you? Let us know in the comments down below.

*Originally published on The Love of Food and Travel

Tiffany D. Smith is a TV journalist by day and a food and travel blogger by night from Chicago, IL. Since being bitten by the travel bug a few years ago, she wants people to know that it is never too late to follow a new passion and step out of your comfort zone. She believes that life is not about the material things, but about the memories we make along the journey.

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Boston Edition: Beer, Lobster, and More

Boston showed me a great time and it was hard to cram everything into my short weekend in this historical city.  I decided to share a few of my other stops while visiting.


Samuel Adams Brewery –  This is a must if you have a beer lover in your company and it is only 15 minutes outside of Downtown Boston.  The brewery is easy to get to via their public transportation system or via an Uber.  The brewery tour is FREE 99 but they do ask for a donation of $2.00.  When I found out the donation goes directly to a charity that is called ‘Brewing The American Dream‘ and supports inner city children in the neighborhood I was lead to give more.  The tour takes less than an hour and you get to indulge in 5 of THE freshest beers that Sam Adams has available.


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Boston Edition: Din Din at Rigoletto Ristorante

I think the two types of foods that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Boston is seafood and Italian cuisine.  Because of that, the North End neighborhood of Boston has always been known for Italian dining.  I got the chance to check out the new kid on the block, Rigoletto Ristorante, in the popular Italian neighborhood.  I was able to nab a table via OpenTable only 3 hours prior to dinner and was so thankful.  Alot of the Italian restaurants in the North End take reservations but good luck on landing one the of day.  So if you ever visit Boston be sure to plan ahead. (more…)

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Boston Edition: Kanes Donuts

Everyone one who lives in NYC knows you HAVE to escape every now and again to keep your sanity.  This past weekend I decided to explore Boston for the first time.  Boston is known for being one of the oldest cities in the United States, home to a large number of colleges and universities, and great food.  Throughout this week I will be highlighting some of my favorites while visiting this historical city.

First stop in Boston was Kanes Donuts!  This is considered a Boston tradition that was started in 1955 by a family in a small town outside of Boston called Sagus, Massachusetts.   (more…)

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Secure The Bag !

You can go very right or very wrong when it comes to picking out the perfect travel accessories or everyday bag. If you are always on the move and take every other part of your look very serious the bag must be lit because shabby is definitely not it! I certainly know how to secure the bag and my favorites below are all great and perfect for an all-nighter!

Dolce & Gabbana Mediterraneo' weekender bag! $2,795.00
Dolce & Gabbana Mediterraneo’ weekender bag! $2,795.00



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