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SpiceWorld Turns 20!

I’m officially old! Can u believe SpiceWorld hit theaters 20 YEARS AGO?! I remember going to the movies THREE TIMES to see this cult classic! If you didn’t like The Spice Girls, you were so lame to me. Be it that I went to public schools in St. Louis, you got it, a lot of people were lame. I was an “outer space girl” only REAL Spice fans know that bonus track lol!

Deadass, The Spice Girls changed the game for me, I was introduced to a new genre of music. I learned about girl power, equalization between the sexes and that the Little Gucci dress is always the best choice.

SpiceWorld is the craziest adventure you will go on! I literally had my mom get me another VHS (I am really aging myself) because I wore my first copy out. Though my Spice Girl dolls are ruined (thanks Jennifer), my love for the Spice Girls will never die. Thank you Scary, Baby, Posh, Ginger and Sporty for never giving a damn and being FEARLESS! I am forever grateful!

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