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Living on the East Coast is different in obvious ways from other regions throughout the US.  We have a higher coast of living, public transportation is a norm, you can find Timbs year round ANYWHERE, and easy access to a great selection of seafood.  I know Beyoncé said she would take her man to Red Lobster, but that is the last place on our minds out here on the East Coast.  There are so many great places to grab some good crustaceans, but here is a short list I complied.


The Boil – This Cajun/Creole seafood spot located on the Lower East Side opened in 2013, and since then have expanded to a second location in Greenwich Village.  There are a lot of celebrity sightings at both locations, but don’t let that distract from the most important reason to drop by which is the food.  The boil bag is their most popular item on their menu.



Lure Fish Bar –  Mentioned in a previous post Top 5 Eats In SoHo it is considered an upscale seafood restaurant with only the freshest selection.  The decor is unforgettable and the entire restaurant appears to look like the inside of yacht.  Some of my favorites include their Lobster Mac and Cheese, King Crab California Roll, Slow Baked Halibut, and Grilled Octopus.

It's back by demand, our Sea Urchin Bucatini with Crab and Red Chile #seafood #pasta

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Red Hook Lobster Pound

Caution:  This post features extreme food porn!


And this happened yesterday!  This is the Maine lobster roll tossed with a touch of homemade mayo and placed on to a buttery split-top bun and topped with paprika and scallions.  Check out their menu and drop in!




Contact Info:

Brooklyn Location

Manhattan Location

Twitter: @Redhooklobster

Instagram: @Redhooklobster

Website:  www.redhooklobster

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Top 5 Eats in SoHo

Fashion and food very rarely go hand and hand.  Fashion and music almost ALWAYS go hand and hand since music artists help to set fashion trends.  While cruising in the infamous SoHo shopping district of New York City, food and fashion go hand and hand.

SoHo is known for having storefronts for well-known brands such as Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant, and Ted Baker.  (more…)

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Cajun/Creole Takes On The Big Apple

While in New York City finding Cajun/Creole food is not always the easiest task.  Claw Daddy’s had me at love at first bite!  Their crab fritters had me ready to serenade waiter, and the gumbo had me ready to write home to the family about my food findings.  Claw Daddy’s is located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. (more…)

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