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Brunchin’ In Queens: ORO

I have been living in New York City since 2014, and this past weekend I brunched in Queens for the first time.  Maybe it is because I have been living in Manhattan and this island has me spoiled rotten with endless brunch options.  Regardless, when given the chance to check out Queens with some good friends that are also foodies I jumped at the opportunity.

This past Sunday I checked out Oro, which is Spanish for GOLD.  Sounding classy already, huh? Before going to Oro I stalked their IG page, drooled over their food, and watched their promo video several times.  It was to the point my friend had to asked me if I was watching the video again and passing judgement at the same time.  Maybe it was the beautiful people having a good time, or my fav song playing in the background, or the positive energy this spot gave off.  From the video  I JUST knew I needed to experience it!


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