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BEARDS : Why The Ladies Love Them?

Ladies, lets chat! Now that sundress season is in full effect, it’s also playtime for a potential summer bae. A suave, charming charismatic man can steal your heart, but a man with a beard; Lord! Beards have become the key accessory that a man can possess. There is nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man with a beard, especially if their fashion sense is immaculate. For decades, the appearance of facial hair has evolved with the modern day man. There is something about a man that takes pride in his beard that can be seen as an indicator of not a rough-looking scrub but, rather, a confident, independent, and wise man.

There are numerous reasons why a woman should date a man with a beard. It’s the first thing you will notice and can spark flirty conversation. Here are some reasons why you should learn to love a man with a beard.



Beards have sex appeal

Beards can make the plainest man look instantly sexier, instead of with a baby face. Most women are attracted to a more rugged look. Women love a man who looks a little rough around the edges and can still treat them like a queen. There’s more than just a handsome face—it’s about how he carries himself in the presence of a woman.

Playtime is more fun

Kissing is more enjoyable with beards. There is nothing like the touch of facial hair when it rubs against your–much more pleasurable. Not only can PDA be fun, but private time can go from 0 to 100!

He looks good dressed up on date (Bae) night

Beards add contrast in men’s style. A suit or a sharp button down can complement a man’s facial hair and adds appeal to any stylish outfit. His beard can build a his confidence making him all the more attractive as arm candy on date nights. Always remember, ladies: Beards can make any man go from Urkel to future husband real quick. Stay woke!

He’s a class act

He will always be a classic. Timeless heartthrobs like Morris Chestnut, Larenz Tate, Nas, and Shemar Moore have flourished throughout the years as sex symbols. Beards can enhance his style and give off a sense of sophistication beyond his years. A woman can learn to appreciate a more refined looking man. A dapper yet smooth talker can have any woman feeling like they’re on cloud nine. Can I get an amen?!


A man with a beard seems sure of himself and comfortable in his own skin. There is something sexy yet mysterious about a guy who takes pride in his appearance. His beard generates a strong male presence when among others, and this feature alone can set him apart as an alpha male.

Ladies, it’s officially time to embrace the beard gang and love them for their dedication to their personal style and appearance. If you haven’t given it a try, let this summer be your first foray into the wonderful world of beard dominance; you’ll thank me later. Until next time.


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Christian Louboutin Men Sale!

If your a shoe junky like me you don’t want to miss any shoes sale EVER! Especially  not a Christian Louboutin sale!  The Los Angelos  Boutique just announced their men sale for this Tuesday November 29th, 2016 ! Its going to be serious sale with items up to 40% off! WOWZERS! Ladies this might be the perfect gift idea for your boo!




If you are not  in the Los Angelos area you can always try to reach out to the store via phone! Louboutin usually ships super fast!

 This boutique is located at:

657 North Robertson Blvd.

West Hollywood, California 90070

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Winning Weekend Looks For Guys!

Guys want their weekend  casual looks to be fast, easy, and comfortable. Casual can sometimes be super uninspiring look wise and feel. If you are fashionable guy and always want to put your best look forward, casual just may not even be in the equation most of the time. Dressing down can be way harder than dressing up, how ironic! I have included some great tips to spice up your weekend casual looks, these are sure fire ways to give you the best great feeling casual looks!!

1.  The most comfortable thing we all own and love to wear is t-shirts and jeans! Throwing a leather jacket over it, some really dope footwear (sneakers, chukka boots), shades, and causal man book bag will give this look a pump of fresh air!


2. A camel coat is a must have statement piece. It will add flair to any weekend look. Try it next time over your favorite hoody, fitted joggers, and or denim! It will surely add a bit of class to your casual threads!


3. Be the bomb in a bomber jacket. The bomber jacket is the piece to have this days. It just looks super good with everything, it comes in all different colors, textures, and looks. You can style the bomber jacket with things from a button down, dressy polo,  and or dark denim for  are look perfect food weekend happy hours after shopping!




4. Denim, denim, on denim.  Is by far one of my favorite looks. I used to not be a big denim fan at all, we all know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans, especially for us tall brown boys! But after finding my perfect fits in jeans, this is one look I absolutely adore. Its  a staple and you can never go wrong,. Weather you are adding a fedora, throwing on some super fun loafers or sneakers with it, or pairing it with you favorite designer scarf and shades; this look will sure satisfy you weekend look appetite !



See how I styled my casual looks below. I am a usually very dressy all the time but I have really tried to add to my closet more staple casual pieces. Casual clothing is all about the feel, look and fit!

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