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Here at The DC we NEVER want you to be the last to know, but ALWAYS be in the know!  So today I am here to prepare you for NYC Restaurant Week before it’s too late to take advantage of this event.  This a great time to try some new restaurants, and let your inner foodie come alive!  This is also an excuse to get out of your borough and experience something new.  NYC only does this twice a year and the next go around isn’t until the summer.  This event takes place from January 23rd until February 10th.

During this special time, you are able to get a three-course prix fixe dinner for $42 or a three-course lunch for $29.  Of course this does not include beverages, gratuity, and tax SO BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SERVER – THANK YOU.  I highly encourage you to make a reservation due to the popularity of this event via their program sponsor OpenTable, or you could go old school and actually call the restaurant.  Reservations will open up January 9th for all of the participating restaurants so I encourage you to get to planning now.  Feel free to check out the NYC Restaurant week official website for more deets and a complete list of restaurants.


Manhattan:  Click Here

Brooklyn:  Click Here

Queen:  Click Here

The Bronx:  Click Here

Staten Island:  Click Here


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Harlem was a Dutch village that was settled in the 1650’s, and was named after a city in the Netherlands called Haarlem.  Harlem became a destination for many African-Americans during the the Great Migration in hopes for better job opportunities and to provide a better life for their families as well. (more…)

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Chicago Edition: Ann Sather


Got a chance to hit up The Windy City this past weekend and go to my favorite spot for breakfast.  It something about Ann Sather when you immediately walk through the door you feel at the home.  The servers are always kind and the food always reminds you of something that someone’s grandmother has cooked for you.   Ann Sather isn’t new to the game and has been around since 1945. (more…)

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STL Edition: The Wine Tap

Back again with a St. Louis addition for yall.  Okay so technically this memorable establishment is located in Downtown Belleville but worth the quick drive if you live in St. Louis. With a large selection of wines, delicious flat-breads, and a retractable roof in their garden this establishment has become a quick favorite when I visit home.




Bar area


Gouda Flatbread



Contact Info:

(618) 239 – 9463

 223 East Main Street, Belleville, IL 62220

Twitter:  @thewinetap

Facebook:  Click Here


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Puerto Viejo is a Dominican Bistro that is located in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn.   This family owned restaurant has captured my heart and my stomach.  Puerto Viejo wins you over with their friendly staff, food that makes you want to plan your next trip back before leaving, tasty sangria, and lets not forget about their homemade Pisqueya Dominican hot sauce. (more…)

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I sat down with the owner of Hyacinth’s Haven located in the historical area of Harlem called Striver’s Row to discuss her menu, the inspiration behind her restaurant/bar, and some challenges she has faced. (more…)

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I hail from the St. Louis Metropolitan area where our Chinese food is a serious deal for us.  When someone goes back home to St. Louis the first thing they do when they touch down is head to their favorite Chinese takeout spot, grab a pizza from Imo’s, or indulge in a Vess soda. (more…)

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Because Jersey Needs Love To…

I think living in New York City makes it easy to forget that New Jersey is right next door.  Jersey has alot more to offer than cheap gas and summers at the Jersey Shore.  Cities such as Hoboken and Jersey City have a number of great restaurants to dine at as well.  One of my favorite restaurants from Philadelphia opened a location in Hoboken, New Jersey in the past year.  Honeygrow is a fast casual restaurant that prides themselves on the highest quality, wholesome, and simple foods.  Their menu includes customize-able stir-fry and salads, smoothies, and a honeybar if you are in the mood for something sweet.  My personal favorite is the spicy garlic stir-fry with chicken, shrimp, scallions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and broccoli.  Normally my commute from lower Manhattan to Hoboken is less than 30 minutes and worth the trip.

P.S. – Cheat code for 2017 is they are opening a location in Downtown Brooklyn early 2017!





Contact Info:

(201) -533-8089

120 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Twitter:  @honeygrow

Instagram:  @honeygrow


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Top 5 Eats in SoHo

Fashion and food very rarely go hand and hand.  Fashion and music almost ALWAYS go hand and hand since music artists help to set fashion trends.  While cruising in the infamous SoHo shopping district of New York City, food and fashion go hand and hand.

SoHo is known for having storefronts for well-known brands such as Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Isabel Marant, and Ted Baker.  (more…)

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The Weekend Was Made For Brunchin’

Brunch is a serious matter in New York City, and it’s something we don’t take lightly.  Honestly I will go on the record to say no one does brunch better then NYC.  I feel like the perfect recipe for a good time at brunch includes good food, great music, beautiful people, and let’s not forget the most important part – unlimited booze.  (more…)

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