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Sample Sale: Maison Margiela

Another awesome Sample Sample and this is one that you want to get to on the first day if possible.  The deets are below:

Dates:  November 4th – 6th

Location:  220 W 19th St, 10th Floor, New York, 10011

Entry: Free

This is a credit card only Sample Sale.



Photo Source: Guillaume Roujas/Nowfashion

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Sample Sale: Paul Smith

Check out this Sample Sale for Paul Smith!  If you aren’t familiar with Paul Smith he is a British designer that is a lover of bright colors and floral patterns.  Check out the IG or website to get a feel for his looks.



Photo Source:

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Make Those Winter Pieces Hit!

The winter months are the most crucial times in fashion. It sets stylish people apart. You truly can see who  just gets it and who just doesn’t . Winter fashion is all about staying warm while looking extremely fly which can be done in the most awesome and subtle way. Here are some tips to spice up your winter wardrobe. I suggest shopping your closet before buying anything new, do an audit and see what will work for the newest season trends, and also purging what will never work in any season ever again, no shade.

1.  Thigh Boots – are an absolute must have, not only will it keep your legs nice and a warm they will make those mini skirts and jeans look ever more fabulous on. I say go for velvet options as it adds a luxurious flair to your looks, reptile print to give life to those nudes, or super soft leather because leather boots are total staple and you can never go wrong. There are so many great styles of boots and more fabrics and colors than you can dream of.



Check out a recent look I styled. Clearly I am in the know! ;-))




Secure The Look & The Bag #SteetStyle #Fashion #TheLook #Chanel #Aquazzura #RagandBone #StyledByMarioTheGreat

A photo posted by @thedistrictconfidential on

2.  Give your look a hat. A trendy fun hat is always a great way to complete your look. May it be a fedora, dad hat, or trendy newsboy style it can really pull a look together. Try it next time when you want to be dressy and not look to dressy at the same time.


3. Maxi coats are way its at! It’s simple layer this baby with other long silhouettes for a complete effortless look.



4. Layers! I am all about layers. It’s the one thing about summer heat is that there is no room for layers, however in the winter it is the perfect time. Layer your statement pieces and give your style a bold remix. Boring layers are just that, BORING! Bend the rooms by wearing  structural skirts over skinny pants, luxe coats over biker jackets, fur with denim, you know just do something out of the ordinary, make your pieces really hit!


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Lingerie Fun

No matter what your poison is. If your the girl meets him at the door with nothing on, the girl who is take charge and treats her guy to a little “dine and dash”,  or the empowered woman who takes charge of her sexuality and want to lounge around home with sexy but comfortable lingerie. We got the best places on the web to liven up your “dainty” wardrobe. Give him(of yourself) something unwrap , and the wrapping paper should be just as bomb as the gift. These brands below have you covered. These are a few super fun and flirty lingerie websites and Instagrams to follow.









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School Gal Fresh


Lately School Attire has been everything to me! I paired this cardigan/dress with some spicy fur pony hair leopard Loubs and added a Gucci bag. These days Gucci has been killing it with the new designs and concepts I just admire the new new! Last but not least I added a dope fedora and I chose red to give the look a pop effect.






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Kelly Rowland The Slayer

Kelly is coming through with all this Black Girl Magic and baby I am here for it. Moments ago, Kelly posted these images to her Instagram giving us all the style, grace and fierceness!!! Push through Kelly!!! 

Enjoy all this melanin…

Photo Cred: Instagram 

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DW By Kanye West

Let’s flashback to October 2011 when Kanye made his first Paris fashion debut with DW, homage to his mother Donda West. Labeled as a “flop” by fashion critics, I actually thought the line was fucking dope. I was hoping that I got a big refund check from college to pay for some of the pieces, which I did get but the actual line never came into fruition. Now maybe another fashion critic will debate me on this but I thought DW was pretty genius.

For starters, Kanye used his own money from touring to bring his vision to life and gave an amazing opportunity to fashion students to help with designing and constructing the pieces. This line also gave us the oh so popular “Cruel Summer” that is still, if not the most popular Giuseppe Zanotti heel*. Mr. West also gave us a collection that didn’t scream, Kanye or online boutique rather. When I revisit DW, all of these pieces HIT! I see pieces inspired by DW EVERYWHERE. I know fashion is inspired by any and everything but let’s try to figure why Kanye’s first line was such a fail.

When showing in October, you are revealing your spring collection. So yeah, maybe DW only had a few pieces that met the Spring “requirements” and was a little heavy on the use of leather in the spring, hell I wore leather all year. Overall, the line had many feminine yet sexy pieces but maybe the heavy layering in the spring threw his audience or maybe Kanye was just ahead of his time. Let’s not forget Kanye’s BBC interview where he said designers laughed at the idea of leather joggers but that following season we saw them everywhere.

DW was definitely iconic to me and reminiscent of Vince, Zimmerman and Wang. Kanye also retaught us an age old lesson, never give up on your dreams. No matter who laughs, thinks you’re weird someone will tell you yes. Also Ye’ if you have those DW pieces in storage somewhere, send them to me. Again, I’d make those pieces hit!
Editor’s note: Zanotti still has the Cruel Summer in his collection the name has just been changed.

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