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Do it for the Gram’: Top 5 Instagrammable locations

In this day and age of every move being documented, why not get some culture and hit some of the best countries in the world for an amazing photo! 

Havana, Cuba.

Since opening there borders to the U.S., many have flocked to the small island know for there cigars and cars. Though it’s inexpensive, make sure you take enough for cab fare! 

Venice, Italy

Known for there canals and architecture stemming back to the Renaissance Era, Venice is definitely a must see and snap. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Who doesn’t want to have a photoshoot amongst the beautiful mosaic tiles and shop for exotic spices and souvenirs in the market? Here, you are bound to falling in love on a camel ride in the middle of the Sahara as the sun sets. 
Santorini, Greece

Let’s take a trip out to the island and just lay up.- Ella Mai
Santorini is definitely for lovers and lovers of the ocean. Lay out on a yacht and catch some sun with a glass of champagne but don’t forget to snap a pic on the clear blue waters for the gram. Watch the sunset and count the stars with your lover. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

The one regret I have is not studying abroad here while in college. Tuition plus 500 bucks, I def missed out. I would of loved to ride on an elephant and get massages everyday for as little as 2 dollars. There are tons of instagrammable gardens, temples and markets that will surely get you tons of likes. It’s also pocket friendly.

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Boston Edition: Beer, Lobster, and More

Boston showed me a great time and it was hard to cram everything into my short weekend in this historical city.  I decided to share a few of my other stops while visiting.


Samuel Adams Brewery –  This is a must if you have a beer lover in your company and it is only 15 minutes outside of Downtown Boston.  The brewery is easy to get to via their public transportation system or via an Uber.  The brewery tour is FREE 99 but they do ask for a donation of $2.00.  When I found out the donation goes directly to a charity that is called ‘Brewing The American Dream‘ and supports inner city children in the neighborhood I was lead to give more.  The tour takes less than an hour and you get to indulge in 5 of THE freshest beers that Sam Adams has available.


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Boston Edition: Din Din at Rigoletto Ristorante

I think the two types of foods that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Boston is seafood and Italian cuisine.  Because of that, the North End neighborhood of Boston has always been known for Italian dining.  I got the chance to check out the new kid on the block, Rigoletto Ristorante, in the popular Italian neighborhood.  I was able to nab a table via OpenTable only 3 hours prior to dinner and was so thankful.  Alot of the Italian restaurants in the North End take reservations but good luck on landing one the of day.  So if you ever visit Boston be sure to plan ahead. (more…)

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Boston Edition: Kanes Donuts

Everyone one who lives in NYC knows you HAVE to escape every now and again to keep your sanity.  This past weekend I decided to explore Boston for the first time.  Boston is known for being one of the oldest cities in the United States, home to a large number of colleges and universities, and great food.  Throughout this week I will be highlighting some of my favorites while visiting this historical city.

First stop in Boston was Kanes Donuts!  This is considered a Boston tradition that was started in 1955 by a family in a small town outside of Boston called Sagus, Massachusetts.   (more…)

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Zendaya Stuns in Dolce & Gabbana!

America’s Sweetheart, Zendaya Coleman, stars in Dolce & Gabbana’s “Millenials Only” Spring/Summer Campaign. With Spring being a few months away, Dolce & Gabbana definitely has inspired our Spring wardrobe with this colorful ad. 

Shot on the beaches of Capri, Italy, Zendaya stops everyone dead in their tracks as she dances and plays the tambourine. Zendaya has me looking at flight to Capri to recreate this shoot to get my life! 

Dolce & Gabbana are paying attention to who the biggest who the fashion target is, millienials, and I really hope they see a boost this season! 

Photos: Dolce & Gabbana 

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St. Louis Top Picks!

I got to travel back home to St. Louis over the holidays and got to check out some of my favorite restaurants and bars. Not only did I get a chance to indulge in some of my favorite places. I was able to check out some new places that where on my radar that I had been eyeing! One thing I can say St. Louis is known for is good food and plenty of places to find a perfect cocktail! Believe me when I say St. Louis never half steps on the eats, lol! Here is a couple of my favorite places and my Saint Louisans if you have not tried these, do so ASAP! Tell them The District Confidential sent you!!!


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Harlem was a Dutch village that was settled in the 1650’s, and was named after a city in the Netherlands called Haarlem.  Harlem became a destination for many African-Americans during the the Great Migration in hopes for better job opportunities and to provide a better life for their families as well. (more…)

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