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What Do I Have In Common With Beyonce’? 

Working in fashion, I often get a chance to preview upcoming collections from our favorite designers. A few months back I got to preview Gucci’s fall/winter collection and immediate fell in love with the amazing furs in the collection (Sorry PETA, my mink will always drag on the floor). But there was this amazing pink mink fur I couldn’t help but gag over. Of course I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot with it and the pics turned out great. I was hella salty when I found out Kris Jenner purchased it as I was saving my coins for it. 
But then Halloween happened.
We always look forward to it favorite celebrities costumes and well BEYONCE’ wore my fur!!!! I died! I won’t even go into the fact she dressed as a Barbie! I love Barbie but I digress. BEYONCE’ again wore the fur I loved so much! 

Beyonce call me…since you will probably never wear it again, I’ll gladly take it. Also let’s continue our blossoming friendship that Julius so rudely ended when he made you exit stage left when we were in Saks. 

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Destinys Child Debuts : On Instagram!

I am totally shook and smelling a reunion under the way. Sony Legacy has launched an official Destiny’s Child Instagram page. The page has a few images with credits to some of the groups biggest songs and accomplishments!


Does this mean something is cooking? I don’t know about you but I can sure go for another Destiny’s Child album. If this is any indication of I am totally here for it!  The groups 20th anniversary is next year, so either Sony has a huge packaging greatest hits album or the ladies might be secretly recording an absolutely amazing follow up to 2004’s Destiny Fulfilled album. I can also see a sold out reunion world tour (front row floor seats please) happening and I know it would be amazing! Either way I am waiting and prepared with credit card in hand!

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Jack Daniel’s is coming to NYC this Saturday for ARTS, BEATS, & LYRICS at Terminal 5 from 7pm – midnight.  It is a traveling urban art and music show that is sponsored by Jack Daniel’s and Gentlemen Jack.  Get out and get cultured and don’t miss this event!




Register Here or by texting ABLNYC to 68405



Terminal 5

610 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

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Music Fix : JoJo “Mad Love”



If you haven’t gotten Jojo new album “MAD LOVE” yet, you may want to get to Itunes right now!  Her first release on her new label Atlantic Records. I am so happy she has released a full body of music! This is her first album released in 10 years. I have always loved her voice and her sound. This album is so mature and grown! The songs are very personal and you can feel the pain and story behind the lyrics!  “F**** Apologies”  on dealing with love and when you are just over it  and to her song “Music” where she expresses her love for her music and how free it is to be able to make music on her own terms now after finally freeing herself of her contract with her last label which she also dedicated to her late father ! My favorite songs on the album just so happen! The album has a sultry r&b feel to it and Jojo reigns in with her angelic alto voice and style!

This woman is not the 13 year old tot you all remember but a fearless young woman who has had some life experiences,been through pain, and  experienced growth! Its great to see artist who have so much to offer us get their second chance! Gone JoJo!

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