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Queen Bey as Queen Bee

Y’all really thought Beyonce was gonna not post for Halloween?! We knew that Queen Bey went as Queen Bee for Halloween! What we didn’t know was that Beyonce was gonna go ALL OUT for us on Ig! She pulled at Kanye on ya and said, “Ima let y’all finish but I had the BEST Halloween in 2017!”

Beyonce’ went full on Lil Kim for us on IG (we know she only hit Kelly’s party) and gave so much yaaaaas, I dropped my phone and cracked my damn screen!

Lil Kim couldn’t BEY-lieve her eyes and said her wig was in China! Lol

Now, I too went as Lil Kim just like I did in the fourth grade but Beyonce did that!!!

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Guess Who’s My Uncle?

Hold Up!!!! Do yall know who’s hot ass nephew nephew this is? None other than Hilary and Bill Clinton! I mean it makes sense, Bill was a looker in his hey day. 22 year old Tyler Clinton just signed to IMG Models. I can’t! That smile and those dimples! Lawd! 

Follow his ig: @tclint 

Photo Cred: instagram/tclint

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Our First Lady Michelle Obama Covers Vogue!

Michelle Obama Covers Vogue December 2016 Issue
Michelle Obama Covers Vogue December 2016 Issue

YASSS! The FLOTUS that everyone fell in love with covers Vogue final 2016 issue and it reminds you how much we are going to miss our FIRST LADY! Michelle is giving us grace, beauty, and joy on the cover in Carolina Herrara dress and beautiful hair flowing in the wind!  I happen to think this is my favorite cover of hers as she has been on the cover 3 times in the last 7 years. In this issue she reflects on the work she has done in the past 8 years and the work she is yet to continue!  This is one First Lady who was truly involved and not just a piece of arm candy but she put in work and did it respectfully! We are going to miss your FLOTUS but I know this beautiful soul has so much more in store!


I could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level, it would have been fine. I could have focused on flowers. I could have focused on decor. I could have focused on entertainment. Because any First Lady, rightfully, gets to define her role. There’s no legislative authority; you’re not elected. And that’s a wonderful gift of freedom. – Vogue

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Kim Kardashian : 60 Minutes

Kim Kardashian did a interview with 60 minutes which aired yesterday. Where she talked  candidly about her career, price of success, and how she turned BEING HER, into a paycheck. Kim Kardashian has raked in over 150 million dollars and just as many followers by just being Kim Kardashian. Not bad a for a chick many believe to have no talent and has capitalized in a way some can only dream. She has a lifestyle people love to envy and discredit, but lets face it the girl has it going on!

This interview was done before her trip to Paris where she was robbed at gunpoint for millions of dollars in jewels! The robbers got away and at this point there has been no updates on the investigation! Kim has taken a break from social media and also haulted filming of the new season of Keeping Up with The Kardashians while she takes some time for herself. I wonder what her take on social media and privacy is now? I’m sure she is going start being a lot more careful and private with certain things. I think she has built a brand big enough where she can start taking more time to live without a camera crew and Instagram update.

Did anyone catch the interview? What do you think?

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