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Just Skin : Treat Sun Damage!

I am very into skin care. I love trying new products. I am always reading up on the latest skin care tips, talking with my friends about their skin care routine,  like  a total skin care maniac! I have always had really great skin as far as no breakouts! I also never really went through that whole pizza face teenage meltdown THANK THE MAN ABOVE and my parents for passing down those super lit skin genes! However as I get a tad bit younger but my age increases (see what I did there) I find it very important to start doing preventive options so hopefully I won’t run into the issues of ageing skin ! Also treating things I never noticed until now when I’m all about my skin health! Everyone is always asking me what I  use on my skin, what is my routine and for so long I didn’t have a serious one besides fresh hot water and my hands!  However I do now!  My biggest issue I have worked is sun damage and dark spots from UV rays and just life in general.

Most of us brown babies don’t know and our parents didn’t teach us about the importance of sunscreen and SPF. I know for a fact my parents never mentioned anything about it all! You usually get most of  your sun damage by the time you are 17 years old! This is why a lot of us have discolorations and so many different shades on our face alone, like for me the sides of my face where darker than my front. Or my forehead was darker than the lower portion of my face. Think about the side of your face gets more sun exposure and if you are not wearing SPF you more than likely have darker shades in those areas!

So once I noticed how much sun damage I had I starting looking for the best products to even out my skin tone and brighten my complexion. Not to be confused with bleaching your skin at all. Brightening products and serums help you uncover your natural glow and enhances what you already working with! Its never to to late to take charge of your skin care! I will be sharing my favorite skin care products weekly and also giving product reviews. Today lets focus on evening out your skin tone and brightening your complexion. These are a few of my top picks baby!


Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil
Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil $54.00

This is one of my absolutely favorite products! This oil is absolutely heaven sent. Not only does it brighten and even out your skin tone. Its also so hydrating and makes your skin so soft and smooth. I usually use this product after I use my toner at night! I tend to stay away from this in the day time because it is so oily! This is one product you want to surely wear over night and let it soak into your pores. It can be used in the day time also but try to use a smaller amount in the day time cause of the oiliness! This really helped with dark marks and small blemished some things it made vanish and some things made them so faint it was unbelievable!


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Skin & Body Hydration Is Key!

One thing about me as I like to stay juicy! Juicy in the sense of moisturized to the fullest. It is very important to keep your skin oiled and taken care of being that it is the biggest organ on your body and also the first thing people see! I’m never trying to arrive anywhere ashy! I used to skip nights where I didn’t put lotion or crème on my legs and it left my skin looking very dry and cracked and I want to keep this body and skin looking its best. I don’t want my 30 to look like the new 40 at all! So I am all about products that keep my skin together! Here a few of my must haves and none of these will irritate your skin or get you super oily! No matter the season if its summer, spring, or winter skin can go through changes. So you have to switch it up sometimes and try new products. You want to keep your skin regime just as fresh and up to date as your wardrobe!

L'occitine Shower OIl
L’occitane Shower Oil is a must have product . It is perfect for any season because it hydrates your skin but doesn’t make it greasy at all! I love it because sometimes I don’t like to put heavy lotion or crème on when I go to go bed at night. Just something light and fresh. Mostly because I don’t want to have to wash my sheets more than once a week, lol!


Nature Well Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream is one of my absolute favorites! It nourishes my skin like nobody's business and doesn't leave any oily feel at all! I appreciate something that keeps dry skin away, doesn't have a huge sent and is cost effective. You can get this from Sams club for around $9 dollars! Its a steal and last almost two months even with my 3 plus showers a day!
Nature Well Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream is one of my absolute favorites! It nourishes my skin like nobody’s business and doesn’t leave any oily feel at all! I appreciate something that keeps  dry skin away, and doesn’t have a huge sent.   You can get this from Sams club for around $9 dollars! Its a steal and will last you almost two months!



Laura Mercier body scrub is another one of my favorites! It is great to get those dead skin cells off and open your skin up to moister and radiance. The scrub is essential to any body regime to keep your skin night and soft!
Laura Mercier body scrub is another one of my favorites! It is great to get those dead skin cells off and open your skin up to moister and radiance. The scrub is essential to any body regime to keep your skin night and soft!


Now just stay tuned! I will be updating weekly on the skin must haves! I can’t give you all my secrets at once so check back!! 🙂


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Skin Medica : The Best Of The Best

Skin Medica Lytera Skin Brightening System  is one set of products I absolutely adore! I started using these products maybe about 8 months ago and I absolutely see a total makeup over and difference in my skin and complexion.  I already have a few products that I used religiously but I wanted to kind of keep most of my daily regime within the same family of products. I figured why not get something that works all as a combo! The system has brightened my skin, evened out dark spots from sun damage, and the exfoliating cleanser  which I just got this week is amazing . The cleanser has my face and neck area super soft and supple!! The package also comes with a retinal which I suggest using maybe once a week when you first get it because it can be really strong and if you are not just getting started with it can make your skin peel and cause it to super sensitive in certain areas! I know this first hand!


The system is designed to treat and help problems in skin such as sun damage, dark spots, blemishes, and also reduce any signs of aging ! I know I am not the only one trying to keep this 80’s baby skin looking a fresh 21 🙂 . Of course to be sure to always use a SPF with any skin care so that you results are maximized and stay working. Also stay out of the sun as much possible  but if you do have enjoy a little island getaway know that too much SPF is never enough! This skin care group is medical grade so please reach out to you dermatologist or esthetician before trying any king of skin care and find out what’s going to work best for your skin!


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Guys : 10 Habits That Are Making You Look OLDER!

I  am all about my skin care routine and giving new products a try. I also already reading about the best skin care practices  because I feel it is very important to take care of what you got now and not playing catch up later. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I am still not over being carded. I like looking like a man but I am not a fan on looking 50 when I’m still in my twenties. Some guys don’t even consider skin care as important which is a big mistake. I found this lovely article on GQ on what most guys are doing to ruin  their skin skin. Also offers good tips on how to reduce aging. It’s always to important to find the new ways to care of your inner and outer self an stay  looking great. I mean it is the first thing people see, even before that whole “personality” thing! So why not make sure the outer shell is just as beautiful and kept as the inner! Even though I need to do a better job working out and drinking more water,  but don’t we all.  Check out this great tips on the don’t, its a good read! It’s the simple things that help….

Sooner or later, we all start to look old. Maybe it’s a errant shock of gray hairs mysteriously appearing at the temples, or maybe it’s a handful of not quite massive, but also not quite fine lines stretching across a once smooth forehead. Either way, the unstoppable march of time beats on, and it’s sure to show somewhere on your person. Good news is, that’s why we have things like retinol and Botox, to help keep your skin looking at least semi-fresh should you not be ready to accept the unfortunate consequences of getting older. The bad news is, though, that certain bad habits can make the symptoms progress even faster and, if you don’t cut them out of your life now, will make you look twice as old in half the time. These are those bad habits; do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs.

1. Soaking Up Too Much Damn Sun

And we’re not just talking about straight-up sunbathing during the summer months, either. In fact, it’s everyday rays that tend to do the most long term harm, since so many people forget (or neglect) to apply any sort of SPF to their poor, unprotected skin on the daily, leaving it susceptible to UV-induced damage and cancer.

2. Or Not Getting Enough Of It

On the flip side of the coin, there are also studies out there that show Vitamin D deficiencies, caused by not getting enough natural light exposure, can also lead to certain types of advanced-stage cancers. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. But please, use SPF.

3. Not Getting Nearly Enough Sleep

It’s been barely a hot second since we talked about sleep deprivation, so we won’t get into explicit detail here, but let’s just say that without a solid 8 hours, you can kiss your youthful, elastic, pimple-free skin goodbye.

4. Ignoring Moisturizer (Or Using the Wrong Stuff)

Every man’s skin has its own specific needs. Some guys have extremely oily skin; others are as dry as the goddamn Sahara. Whichever way your punim leans, if you’re not moisturizing regularly, and with skin type-specific stuff, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Because the tools are out there. Not using them is just bad judgement.

5. Using Cheap-Ass Soap

We get it, good soap can be expensive. Especially at the rate you go through it, using only premium bars can cost a pretty penny. But that dime-a-dozen drugstore stuff is only going to take its own toll in the long run, too, stripping skin of necessary natural oils and leaving behind a film of residue that’ll continue to mess with your pelt as the day goes on. So get yourself something at least half-decent. Bonus points if it’s got an exfoliant.

6. Not Staying Active

Fun fact: working out won’t only keep your muscles taut, but it’ll also do the same for your skin. That is,exercise has been shown to keep skin looking healthier for longer by improving blood flow to the outer layers, which in turn boosts oxygen levels and sweeps away harmful waste products. One more reason you need to re-up your gym membership.

7. Stressing the Hell Out

Over the years, scientists discovered that stress, and the elevated cortisol levels that goes along with it, can be tied to anything from heart disease and hypertension to decline in libido levels, erectile dysfunction, and so much more. So it’s not at all surprising that stress can mess with the skin, further decreasing collagen over time. That said, it’s nonetheless true.

8. Not Eating The Right Stuff

The good: omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, low-glycemic meals, Vitamins A, C, and E. The bad: inflammatory foods, sugary snacks, high-fat meat. You are what you eat, as they say.

9. Drinking More Than Your Fair Share

Ever noticed how heavy drinkers tend to look that much older than their teetotaling counterparts? Well, consider that mystery solved.

10. Lighting Up, Obviously

Seriously, you need another f*%king reason to quit smoking?

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My Daily Skincare Routine! 

“What do you use on your face?”, is probably a question I get asked just as much as I get questioned about my teeth being so white.

Well guys I am here to give you my beauty tips and you no longer have to touch my face to feel how smooth my skin is. It’s actually pretty simple. I use the Clinique 3 step set and drink plenty of water. I watched my mother use this set when I was little girl and I couldn’t wait to grow up and use it because clearly I thought it was for grown ups. I remember sneaking to use her Clinique but not getting into trouble because mom knew I just wanted to be like her. Now that I have my own Clinique 3 step, I almost have the exact set as my mom except I opted for the liquid soap instead of the bar soap. What’s really amazing about the Clinique 3 step set is really catered to your needs by offering 4 different sets based off your skin type, very dry to dry, dry combination, combination oily and lastly oily. Moving to LA my skin changed as it is really dry so I fall in the dry combination set. Many companies kind of give you the in between but Clinique’s speciality is skincare so it not a shock to me that they always win at the top beauty awards.

The 3 steps become a natural part of your daily and nightly routine. The best part, your skin will be flawless! Remember, it’s never a good thing to be THIRSTY so stay HYDRATED as well!!

The Clinique 3 step sets are available at your favorite department stores or you can order them online directly through
Photo Cred: Google images.

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