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Queen Bey as Queen Bee

Y’all really thought Beyonce was gonna not post for Halloween?! We knew that Queen Bey went as Queen Bee for Halloween! What we didn’t know was that Beyonce was gonna go ALL OUT for us on Ig! She pulled at Kanye on ya and said, “Ima let y’all finish but I had the BEST Halloween in 2017!”

Beyonce’ went full on Lil Kim for us on IG (we know she only hit Kelly’s party) and gave so much yaaaaas, I dropped my phone and cracked my damn screen!

Lil Kim couldn’t BEY-lieve her eyes and said her wig was in China! Lol

Now, I too went as Lil Kim just like I did in the fourth grade but Beyonce did that!!!

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Coachella Hair Baby!

So Beyoncé may be skipping Coachella and there is people who are out there who still for some reason will want to attend the show? Beats me but to my festival trending women of America let me give you some of the best hairstyles to rock while attending Coachella, DC Broccoli fest, or any festival this year. Spring is near so catch these waves, literally :)!

Dreamy Messy Braids for the Win!!!
Rapunzel please let down your hair honey!


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