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BEARDS : Why The Ladies Love Them?

Ladies, lets chat! Now that sundress season is in full effect, it’s also playtime for a potential summer bae. A suave, charming charismatic man can steal your heart, but a man with a beard; Lord! Beards have become the key accessory that a man can possess. There is nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man with a beard, especially if their fashion sense is immaculate. For decades, the appearance of facial hair has evolved with the modern day man. There is something about a man that takes pride in his beard that can be seen as an indicator of not a rough-looking scrub but, rather, a confident, independent, and wise man.

There are numerous reasons why a woman should date a man with a beard. It’s the first thing you will notice and can spark flirty conversation. Here are some reasons why you should learn to love a man with a beard.



Beards have sex appeal

Beards can make the plainest man look instantly sexier, instead of with a baby face. Most women are attracted to a more rugged look. Women love a man who looks a little rough around the edges and can still treat them like a queen. There’s more than just a handsome face—it’s about how he carries himself in the presence of a woman.

Playtime is more fun

Kissing is more enjoyable with beards. There is nothing like the touch of facial hair when it rubs against your–much more pleasurable. Not only can PDA be fun, but private time can go from 0 to 100!

He looks good dressed up on date (Bae) night

Beards add contrast in men’s style. A suit or a sharp button down can complement a man’s facial hair and adds appeal to any stylish outfit. His beard can build a his confidence making him all the more attractive as arm candy on date nights. Always remember, ladies: Beards can make any man go from Urkel to future husband real quick. Stay woke!

He’s a class act

He will always be a classic. Timeless heartthrobs like Morris Chestnut, Larenz Tate, Nas, and Shemar Moore have flourished throughout the years as sex symbols. Beards can enhance his style and give off a sense of sophistication beyond his years. A woman can learn to appreciate a more refined looking man. A dapper yet smooth talker can have any woman feeling like they’re on cloud nine. Can I get an amen?!


A man with a beard seems sure of himself and comfortable in his own skin. There is something sexy yet mysterious about a guy who takes pride in his appearance. His beard generates a strong male presence when among others, and this feature alone can set him apart as an alpha male.

Ladies, it’s officially time to embrace the beard gang and love them for their dedication to their personal style and appearance. If you haven’t given it a try, let this summer be your first foray into the wonderful world of beard dominance; you’ll thank me later. Until next time.


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Beyonce Previews Lemonade Box Set!

Good lord all mighty. Beyonce’ will seriously just not let us keep our coins in our pocket. She is the queen of surprises so today of course she made heads pop off when she announced  her Collector’s Edition : How To Make Lemonade Box Set out of no where! It has been one year since Beyonce’ released her multi-award winning  Lemonade visual album so its only right it gets a huge anniversary set. The 600+ page hardcover book includes hundreds of never-before-seen photos from the making of LEMONADE . I am surely about to pre-order mine I’m sure I can go without a couple fine dining meals this month to pay for it! The box set is yours and mine for only  $300 dollars *rolling my eyes* (hence why I will need to skip Del Frisco twice this month) but its a must have. Are you getting yours, because I am surely not missing my sip?


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Tamar Braxton – My Man

Tamar Braxton has offered up her new single “My Man.” The single is pulled from her forthcoming new release, which is her first since 2015’s Calling All Lovers. On the impassioned track she pleads for answers from a man she tried hard to please.

“Boy, you let me down,” she sings. “I am so confused / I stood right by your side / Through everything that you went through / Why is she around, why are you so cruel?”

She also recently opened up about the new release saying:

“I feel like I’m making the album of my life,” she said. “This album, for me, is so personal and so amazing, and I get to work with Rodney Jerkins, who I’ve always wanted to work with. I get Rodney and Vincent Herbert together. That sounds like a Grammy sandwich.”

Oh If you see the cover art up top, you know the shade is too real to the new Mrs. Braxton… the other woman honey!

source : RTT

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Mary J. Blige Brings It With Kanye West!

Mary J. Blige released a new song with Kanye West, “Love Yourself,” on Thursday night. It’s the second song the singer has debuted from her forthcoming studio album, Strength of a Woman.

In October, Blige announced Strength of a Woman and shared a new song, “Thick Of It.” She remained generally quiet about the project — her first full-length since her 2014 The London Sessions — until earlier this week when she revealed its release date and artwork. On Wednesday night, Blige dropped more details about the Strength of a Woman, announcing that West, Missy Elliott, Quavo of Migos, DJ Khaled, Prince Charlez, and Kaytranada will all appear on it. So its sure to be a very serious situation!

“Being Mary J. Blige is real,” Mary told reporters this year “It’s traumatic, and it’s beautiful. Because [of] my life, I actually have to live what I’m singing.”

Meanwhile, “Love Yourself” is West’s second high-profile guest appearance this month. The rapper collaborated with Drake on “Glow” off the Canadian MC’s latest project, More Life.

The tracklist and artwork for Mary’s new album is also everything honey check it out……Also listen to the new track below (more…)

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Catch These Shades!

Beautiful and style eyewear is always in season. Especially during spring and summer months where the clothing  layers are taken off but the accessories or to be packed on. A good pair of fashionable shades are necessary and can take your look from “ok” to “BOMB”! Especially for us guys we don’t have all the accessory and style options as women so we have to make sure all our pieces hit in a major way! I am so obsessed with sunglasses right now!  I myself am a aviator kind of guy but I am working one expanding the my eyewear style this year! A little change can go real good and it never hurts! These below are some of my picks for must have eyewear for 2017! Its lit so you better catch these shades! I mixed it up a little bit and most of these are unisex.

Dior HOMME 0196
Shywood Polarized Shades
Classic Ray Ban Aviators in all colors!
Prada Pr5166


Tom Ford FT0516 Savannah


Bvlgari 6089 55


Versace VE2177
Givenchy 7031


Fendi 0215
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Tom Ford Takes 2017

Designer Tom Ford is always a force to be reckoned with! He makes some of the most amazing pieces to me. His style and creations are always so suave and classic.  Nothing like a property tailored tom ford suit! Tom Ford himself is very charismatic, quick on his toes, and knows his good side!  I am so in love with his new Spring 2017 Collection! He also has been named as of GQ’s men of the year which is much deserved. Check out some looks from his new 2017  men collection!



Tom Ford Men Spring 2017
Tom Ford Men Spring 2017
Tom Ford Men Spring 2017
Tom Ford Men Spring 2017
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Coachella Hair Baby!

So Beyoncé may be skipping Coachella and there is people who are out there who still for some reason will want to attend the show? Beats me but to my festival trending women of America let me give you some of the best hairstyles to rock while attending Coachella, DC Broccoli fest, or any festival this year. Spring is near so catch these waves, literally :)!

Dreamy Messy Braids for the Win!!!
Rapunzel please let down your hair honey!


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Skin & Body Hydration Is Key!

One thing about me as I like to stay juicy! Juicy in the sense of moisturized to the fullest. It is very important to keep your skin oiled and taken care of being that it is the biggest organ on your body and also the first thing people see! I’m never trying to arrive anywhere ashy! I used to skip nights where I didn’t put lotion or crème on my legs and it left my skin looking very dry and cracked and I want to keep this body and skin looking its best. I don’t want my 30 to look like the new 40 at all! So I am all about products that keep my skin together! Here a few of my must haves and none of these will irritate your skin or get you super oily! No matter the season if its summer, spring, or winter skin can go through changes. So you have to switch it up sometimes and try new products. You want to keep your skin regime just as fresh and up to date as your wardrobe!

L'occitine Shower OIl
L’occitane Shower Oil is a must have product . It is perfect for any season because it hydrates your skin but doesn’t make it greasy at all! I love it because sometimes I don’t like to put heavy lotion or crème on when I go to go bed at night. Just something light and fresh. Mostly because I don’t want to have to wash my sheets more than once a week, lol!


Nature Well Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream is one of my absolute favorites! It nourishes my skin like nobody's business and doesn't leave any oily feel at all! I appreciate something that keeps dry skin away, doesn't have a huge sent and is cost effective. You can get this from Sams club for around $9 dollars! Its a steal and last almost two months even with my 3 plus showers a day!
Nature Well Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Moisturizing Cream is one of my absolute favorites! It nourishes my skin like nobody’s business and doesn’t leave any oily feel at all! I appreciate something that keeps  dry skin away, and doesn’t have a huge sent.   You can get this from Sams club for around $9 dollars! Its a steal and will last you almost two months!



Laura Mercier body scrub is another one of my favorites! It is great to get those dead skin cells off and open your skin up to moister and radiance. The scrub is essential to any body regime to keep your skin night and soft!
Laura Mercier body scrub is another one of my favorites! It is great to get those dead skin cells off and open your skin up to moister and radiance. The scrub is essential to any body regime to keep your skin night and soft!


Now just stay tuned! I will be updating weekly on the skin must haves! I can’t give you all my secrets at once so check back!! 🙂


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Women Rule + Kendall Jenner For Vogue March 2017

Even though the cover of this issue is not all that exciting as for the March 2017 “Women Rule!” issue of Vogue US Kendall Jenner sure did a some awesome looks in as per usual. I love how this cover did celebrate diversity sort of, but I could have went for a little more melanin and a lot more sister girl! Baby steps I guess! Check out the cover below along with some of my favorite images from Kendall!

I get what they where going for, but they so could have done better than this! Come on Vogue!



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