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Save Ya Money: Sugar Factory

My reason for reviewing food establishments is because I have always wanted to share my experience with others.  If it was amazing – I wanted you to experience the same thing.  If it was terrible – I wanted to keep you from wasting your money.  For this reason I have decided to create a new segment called “Save Ya Money”.  I hope this does not become something that is a regular occurrence, but if you know me I am ALWAYS going to tell you the truth.  Things that would appear in this segment would include food crazes that do not live up to the hype or an overall sub-par experience.  At the end of the day I don’t want you to waste your time or money.



I recently visited the new Sugar Factory location on the Upper West Side that has been open for several months.  Sugar Factory is known for their over-sized drink goblets and their celebrity sightings.  Before going to any new restaurant I normally check out their website, ask others for their opinions on past experiences, and consult with my homie Yelp.  Even with an abundance of luke warm reviews on Yelp I decided to give a it go.  Majority of the reviews were centered around one thing, and that was customer service.



My friend and I opted to sit at the bar on their lower level to grab drinks and food.   Majority of the time bartenders are known to be personable, and our logic was we would most likely have a better experience.  We ordered our drinks and food with the bartender.  I opted for the Cotton Candy Martini, and my friend ordered a Watermelon Martini.  After about an hour of chatting it up my friend realized we had not received our food.  At this point we are looking around for our bartender to inquire about our food.  She appeared busy and away from behind the bar.  We checked with another bartender that was working and asked her about our food.  She checked our tab in the POS system and stated they only had drinks for us.  At this point we decided to just close out since our bartender did not put in our food.  The original bartender who took our order then printed out our bill and asked another employee “They only had drinks?”.  Never acknowledging or apologizing for not putting our food in.  Upon leaving my friend decided to share her experience with the manager on duty.  She did offer to have our food made for us but at this point who wants to stay another hour?



Feel free to check out my Yelp review in further details of the full experience.  I will commend the manager for reaching out to me to invite me back for hopefully a better experience after leaving an honest Yelp review.  If you check their Yelp reviews the list of poor first impressions is long and slightly alarming.  At this time I am still undecided to take them up on their offer, but if I decide to go back I will provide you with an update.  With being such an established restaurant and sitting at the bar I expected to have a better experience.  The Upper West Side location is their 2nd location in NYC, and we visited several months after their opening.

Their drinks are part of the experience at Sugar Factory and it is definitely a must when dining there.  Their specialty martinis are about $18, and their famous 60 ounce goblet are going to cost you about $40.  This is the Sugar Factory so expect their drinks to be a tad bit on the sweet side.

First impressions are everything when it comes to the hospitality industry, and you should train your staff to leave a great one.  Have you visited to a food establishment where your first impression was not the best?  Did you return to give them a go?  Do you recommend me giving Sugar Factory another try?  Chime in the comment section!


1991 Broadway, New York, NY 10023


2 thoughts on “Save Ya Money: Sugar Factory”

  1. I like sugar factory but every time I go the service is shitty!

  2. That sucks. I wonder if this was the same location my friends and I went to. The drinks and food were good but the service was really slow.

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