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Menu Preview at Zio

If you cannot tell from my IG feed and previous post I am a FAN of Zio Ristorante.  They lured me with their happy hour and stole my heart with their food.  They recently invited me to come and preview their May lunch prix fix menu, and what food blogger can say no to that?  Each month their 3 course lunch menu changes, and for a whopping $20 you can eat like a king or queen.  The quality, presentation, and portions will leave you wanting to snap a pics for the Gram and scheduling all future lunch dates at this restaurant.  Lets dive into this menu!

The starters for the May menu included Zuppa, Insalata, and Calamari.  The Zuppa is a puree of green peas that is served warmed and has a hint of mint.  The Zuppa has a great balance of the peas and the mint, the mint actually provided a delicate after taste.  The Insalata includes mixed greens, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, fresh mozzarella, and balsamic vinaigrette.  This salad screams spring and summertime because it is light and refreshing.  The calamari had to be my favorite from the appetizer section of the menu.  The grilled calamari included mango, cherry tomatoes, and fennel.  This perfectly grilled calamari just melts in your mouth.





The entrees for this month’s prix fixe menu includes includes Tagliolini, Pollo (Chicken Rollatino), and Panino.  The great thing about Zio’s menu is there is something for everyone.  Lord knows we all got a vegetarian friend!  The Tagliolini is homemade spinach pasta with a cherry tomato sauce, and basil.  Due to time restriction it was the only thing I did not have time to sample but trust what is featured will leave you drooling.  Let talk about the open faced sandwich called the Panino.  It has crispy imported pancetta, fried egg, lettuce, and tomato.  I am not a huge a fan of fried eggs outside of breakfast, and you can call me basic if you will.  Fried egg on top of a burger has never been something I enjoyed.  I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try.  Between the runny egg, pork, and perfectly toasted bun I have been converted.  Don’t worry I have included a video of me diving into this piece of art.



Like Vanessa Williams said “Save the best for last” and the best entree on the lunch menu has to be the Chicken rollatino.  Why you ask? Chicken, pork, and cheese.  Need I say more?  The Chicken rollatino is filled with homemade mozzarella, proscuitto, and mushroom sauce.  The mushroom sauce was so heavenly I wanted to lick the plate when I was done, and possibly dip anything I could find in it.

And what is lunch without dessert?  Here is watermelon with salted ricotta and honey.  This is the type of dessert you finish off and you don’t feel horrible about.

Check out Zio and let them know Dom from The District sent you.

Contact Info:

17 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011

(212) 352 – 1700

Instagram:  @ZioRistorante

Twitter:  @ZioRistorante

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