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La Salle Dumpling Room In Harlem

Happy Monday and I hope you all are starting off this week on the right foot.

Let’s have have a moment of honesty!  Finding a great Chinese restaurant above 110th is a difficult task in itself!  And to clarify I am NOT referring to your local Chinese TAKEOUT SPOT.  I am referring to a nice sit down establishment that is not Asian Fusion and stays in their lane.  There are far too many “Japanese restaurants” with big menus also selling Chinese and Thai food.  Normally, if I want the best of the best I just make my way to China Town.  I first discovered La Salle Dumpling Room via UberEats (if you need a promo code for them I got you).  I ordered and food was delivered to my door pipping hot in less than 30 minutes.  I figured no food that took that short of time to cook could be good.  After the first bite I stood corrected, and La Salle got me all the way together and had me at love at first bite.


La Salle Dumpling Room has been open for about a year and are located on the far west side of Harlem closer to 125th.  Their pan fried pork dumplings have become a favorite of mine and other people if you take a peek of their Yelp page.  They are rolled more so then pinched at the seams like most.  They have a good amount of filling and the soy sauce mixture they provide for dipping is like liquid crack.  My second favorite is the Hot and Spicy Diced Chicken which is actually not spicy at all, but instead seasoned well.  Other crowd favorites include their soup dumplings and KimChi fried rice.


Contact Info:

(212) 961 – 0300

3141 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Instagram:  @lasalledumplingroom

Pan Seared Pork Dumplings
General Tso Chicken
Hot and Spicy Diced Chicken





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