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Cupcake Market

This cupcake shop in East Village takes art and desserts to a whole other level.  Their cupcakes, cakes, and celebrity inspired cookies have caught the eye of many New Yorkers and has created some awesome Instagram posts.  Back in December we shared with you the Drake Cake on our IG page.


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The cupcakes they serve up at this heavenly spot are about $3.75 which is a great price for the size of these cupcakes.  I have went to other famous cupcake spots throughout the city and they are charging the same price and for less cupcake.  The cupcakes are nice and fluffy BUT NOT DRY, and the icing has a very smooth taste and not super sweet.  Their beautifully decorated cakes with their flower design can run you anywhere from $25 – $66, and perfect for any special occasion.  The famous celeb cookies will set you back about $15 – $16, but you will get more than your usual likes on IG.


If you aren’t able to drop in and try some of the many awesome sweets they offer, you can order via Seamless.

Contact Info:

(646) 861 – 1274

74 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003

Instagram:  @cupcakemarketnyc



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