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Boston Edition: Kanes Donuts

Everyone one who lives in NYC knows you HAVE to escape every now and again to keep your sanity.  This past weekend I decided to explore Boston for the first time.  Boston is known for being one of the oldest cities in the United States, home to a large number of colleges and universities, and great food.  Throughout this week I will be highlighting some of my favorites while visiting this historical city.

First stop in Boston was Kanes Donuts!  This is considered a Boston tradition that was started in 1955 by a family in a small town outside of Boston called Sagus, Massachusetts.  They pride themselves in preparing their donuts fresh every day and using local and organic ingredients as well.  Their 1st location in Sagus opens every day at 3:30 AM!  I have been told that they sell out early and seeing a line forming before opening is a norm.  Their 2nd location is the one that I visited and is located in the Financial District of Boston.  If you aren’t able to squeeze time in your day to physically go to their shop then you may order from them via Postmates.

Their donuts have been featured on The Travel Channel, Eater, Travel & Leisure, and Boston Globe. Kane has been dubbed as “The Best Honey Dipped Donut” in America.  I just want to say I am going on record to agree with that statement.  Their most popular donuts is Honey Dip, Boston Cream, Maple Bacon, and Maine Blueberry.  If you are brave enough check out their menu and prepare to drool.


Kanes 1

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Contact Info:

(857) 317 – 2654

Two International Place, 90 Oliver Street, Boston, MA 02110

Twitter:  @KanesDonuts 

IG:  @kanes_donuts


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