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Here at The DC we NEVER want you to be the last to know, but ALWAYS be in the know!  So today I am here to prepare you for NYC Restaurant Week before it’s too late to take advantage of this event.  This a great time to try some new restaurants, and let your inner foodie come alive!  This is also an excuse to get out of your borough and experience something new.  NYC only does this twice a year and the next go around isn’t until the summer.  This event takes place from January 23rd until February 10th.

During this special time, you are able to get a three-course prix fixe dinner for $42 or a three-course lunch for $29.  Of course this does not include beverages, gratuity, and tax SO BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SERVER – THANK YOU.  I highly encourage you to make a reservation due to the popularity of this event via their program sponsor OpenTable, or you could go old school and actually call the restaurant.  Reservations will open up January 9th for all of the participating restaurants so I encourage you to get to planning now.  Feel free to check out the NYC Restaurant week official website for more deets and a complete list of restaurants.


Manhattan:  Click Here

Brooklyn:  Click Here

Queen:  Click Here

The Bronx:  Click Here

Staten Island:  Click Here


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