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Harlem is associated with so many great things such as jazz music, African American culture, and popular landmarks such as the The Apollo.  Last year over 50 million tourists made NYC a destination for travel, and Harlem is almost always on their list of places to experience.  But while in Harlem one thing you must do is get you some good ol soulfood.  There are many places in Harlem to get your collard greens and fried chicken fix, but my personal favorite is Melba’s.

Melba’s food always taste as if it came directly out of your mother’s kitchen and made with love.  There has been times I had to call my mom and let her know that Melba’s is giving her a run for her money.  The music at Melba’s always adds to your dining experience because the 90’s R&B playlist will have you swaying while chowing down on their famous chicken and waffles.  Time to brag on Melba’s!  Their chicken and waffle entree was the winner on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown.  If that doesn’t screan official then I don’t know what does!

Featured below are some of my favorites which include their Carolina fried shrimp, collard greens with turkey, and the unforgettable mac n’ cheese.





Contact Info:

300 West 114th Street, New York, NY 10026

(212) 864-7777

Twitter:  @MelbasHarlem

IG:  @MelbasHarlem

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