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Daddy’s Lesson

Beyonce teamed up with the ever so controversial Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards to sing “Daddy’s Lessons” off Lemonade.

First, let me say this. I am a Dixie Chicks fan. “Goodbye Earl” is one of my favorite songs and I love the power that these three women represent. Y’all remember when lead singer Natalie said she didn’t support the war and was ashamed George Bush is from Texas? Fucking awesome!

It’s only right Dixie Chicks teamed up with Queen Bey. She’s just as controversial as they are and they all hail from Texas.
What’s crazy is you see some of the audience in shock that Beyonce’ is on stage performing. Guys lighten up. It’s 2016 and Beyonce’ is still breaking down all doors that she was told were locked.

Click the link. Enjoy.

Bonus. Dixie Chicks

Goodbye Earl

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