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Cajun/Creole Takes On The Big Apple

While in New York City finding Cajun/Creole food is not always the easiest task.  Claw Daddy’s had me at love at first bite!  Their crab fritters had me ready to serenade waiter, and the gumbo had me ready to write home to the family about my food findings.  Claw Daddy’s is located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

They are famous for their Louisiana Boils and Adult Beverage Capri-Suns. You heard me correctly! They have 6 different flavors for their Adult Capri-Suns, and my personal favorite is the Sweet Georgia.  The Sweet Georgia includes soju, yuzu, cranberry juice, and prosecco.  On the weekends they do a have a DJ that is spinning to keep you moving in your seat to burn off all the food you are going to enjoy.


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Photos Courtesy of Claw Daddy’s

Contact Info:


(646) 590-6816

Twitter:  @clawdaddysnyc

Instagram:  @clawdaddysnyc

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