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When it comes to St. Louis foods what are some things that first come to mind?  Maybe Imo’s Pizza, Chinese food (St. Paul sandwich if you want to be exact), White Castles, Gooey Butter Cake, and Vess soda.  This list could go on and on.  I have spent the majority of my life in St. Louis so the food holds a special place in my heart, and my craving gets real as soon the plane touches down at Lambert.  I decided to share with you all some of my must have foods outside the typically norms for most St. Louisans when I visit home.



So I think it is time for a moment of honesty with you all because we are fam!  I schedule early flights not so I can spend more time with family, but so I can catch Goody Goody before they close at 2pm.  This restaurant has been around since 1948 and it’s the first stop I make once getting to St. Louis.  Each time I go I always see a familiar face, and the consistency of the food has NEVER changed.

5900 Natural Bridge, St. Louis, MO 63120


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Carla Fendi Dies At Age 79

The fashion industry has lost a fashion icon, Carla Fendi, one of the 5 fendi sisters, passed away late Monday night after a long battle with an unknown illness.

Fendi started as a leather good shop in 1925 and Carla recalls living above her parents shop and running around playing with the handbags and shreds of leather.

She told WWD, “Accessories were our first toys.”

Once the sisters took over in the 1960’s, Fendi expanded to ready to wear, home, children’s, and shoes. Karl Lagerfeld was brought in as Creative Director and the company saw a significant boost in revenue after he introduced furs into the line.

Carla Fendi was also responsible for pushing the brand to where it is today. The Fendi logo is one of the top recognized luxury brands worldwide.
In her later years, Carla became a advocate for art and culture in Rome. Her foundation restored the city’s Trevi Fountain, where Fendi hosted one of its runway shows.
Carla, your impact on the fashion world will never be forgotten. Thank you for your creativity and passion.

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Brunchin’ In Queens: ORO

I have been living in New York City since 2014, and this past weekend I brunched in Queens for the first time.  Maybe it is because I have been living in Manhattan and this island has me spoiled rotten with endless brunch options.  Regardless, when given the chance to check out Queens with some good friends that are also foodies I jumped at the opportunity.

This past Sunday I checked out Oro, which is Spanish for GOLD.  Sounding classy already, huh? Before going to Oro I stalked their IG page, drooled over their food, and watched their promo video several times.  It was to the point my friend had to asked me if I was watching the video again and passing judgement at the same time.  Maybe it was the beautiful people having a good time, or my fav song playing in the background, or the positive energy this spot gave off.  From the video  I JUST knew I needed to experience it!


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New Restaurant:  CLAY

There’s a new kid on the block in Harlem!  Clay recently opened about 3 months ago, and the neighborhood seems to be welcoming them with arms wide opened.  This new restaurant features a Farm to Table concept which means only the freshest of ingredients from local suppliers is served at this restaurant.  This is great for YOU because having a menu that changes based upon the season provides you with options.

Their wine list is rather extensive, and if you are a red wine drinker then you are in for a good time. Clay has over 20 different types of red wines, and don’t worry they are still showing plenty of love to you white wine drinkers.  Their bartenders are the real deal and WILL recommend the perfect drink based upon whatever your taste-buds are craving.  I recently dropped in for a drink and did not get a chance to indulge in their food, but I did get a chance take a peek at the menu.  Their menu includes dishes such as Waygu tartare, duck breast, black bass, and gnocchi.    I plan on making my way back to Clay soon to sit down and have dinner as well, and I promise to report back!

This is a great atmosphere for a date, family dinner, a quiet brunch,  or just grabbing drinks.  They also have happy hour during the weekday from 4-7pm which includes a vodka based drink called Queen Bee.  A possible ode to Beyoncé? In my head I just want to say “Yeah!”.

I will be making reservations soon for dinner, and will share my full dining experience with you all SOON!



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Ye’ Turns 40

Today we celebrate Kanye West 40th birthday and whats a better way to honor the former Louis Vuitton Don than with some of his greatest moments in Fashion. Just like we all have a favorite Ye’ album, we all have a favorite Ye’ fashion era. I honestly prefer anything pre 2012 (shade), though the fashion on Yeezus was impressive. I’m not here for the homeless/bodysuit monochromatic look where I have to pay 600 bucks for a sweatshirt that I can get at Walmart. 
So here’s to you Kanye, we hope you give us 40 more years of style. 

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BEARDS : Why The Ladies Love Them?

Ladies, lets chat! Now that sundress season is in full effect, it’s also playtime for a potential summer bae. A suave, charming charismatic man can steal your heart, but a man with a beard; Lord! Beards have become the key accessory that a man can possess. There is nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man with a beard, especially if their fashion sense is immaculate. For decades, the appearance of facial hair has evolved with the modern day man. There is something about a man that takes pride in his beard that can be seen as an indicator of not a rough-looking scrub but, rather, a confident, independent, and wise man.

There are numerous reasons why a woman should date a man with a beard. It’s the first thing you will notice and can spark flirty conversation. Here are some reasons why you should learn to love a man with a beard.



Beards have sex appeal

Beards can make the plainest man look instantly sexier, instead of with a baby face. Most women are attracted to a more rugged look. Women love a man who looks a little rough around the edges and can still treat them like a queen. There’s more than just a handsome face—it’s about how he carries himself in the presence of a woman.

Playtime is more fun

Kissing is more enjoyable with beards. There is nothing like the touch of facial hair when it rubs against your–much more pleasurable. Not only can PDA be fun, but private time can go from 0 to 100!

He looks good dressed up on date (Bae) night

Beards add contrast in men’s style. A suit or a sharp button down can complement a man’s facial hair and adds appeal to any stylish outfit. His beard can build a his confidence making him all the more attractive as arm candy on date nights. Always remember, ladies: Beards can make any man go from Urkel to future husband real quick. Stay woke!

He’s a class act

He will always be a classic. Timeless heartthrobs like Morris Chestnut, Larenz Tate, Nas, and Shemar Moore have flourished throughout the years as sex symbols. Beards can enhance his style and give off a sense of sophistication beyond his years. A woman can learn to appreciate a more refined looking man. A dapper yet smooth talker can have any woman feeling like they’re on cloud nine. Can I get an amen?!


A man with a beard seems sure of himself and comfortable in his own skin. There is something sexy yet mysterious about a guy who takes pride in his appearance. His beard generates a strong male presence when among others, and this feature alone can set him apart as an alpha male.

Ladies, it’s officially time to embrace the beard gang and love them for their dedication to their personal style and appearance. If you haven’t given it a try, let this summer be your first foray into the wonderful world of beard dominance; you’ll thank me later. Until next time.


Source : CultureFeed

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Off White x Nike Air Jordan 1

Yesterday, Kevin Durant debuted the Off White x Nike Air Jordan 1’s as he arrived for game 2 of The Finals. This collaboration doesn’t have a release date yet but I’m sure it will be sometime mid summer. They will retail for $350. 

Photo Cred: Instagram 

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Do it for the Gram’: Top 5 Instagrammable locations

In this day and age of every move being documented, why not get some culture and hit some of the best countries in the world for an amazing photo! 

Havana, Cuba.

Since opening there borders to the U.S., many have flocked to the small island know for there cigars and cars. Though it’s inexpensive, make sure you take enough for cab fare! 

Venice, Italy

Known for there canals and architecture stemming back to the Renaissance Era, Venice is definitely a must see and snap. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Who doesn’t want to have a photoshoot amongst the beautiful mosaic tiles and shop for exotic spices and souvenirs in the market? Here, you are bound to falling in love on a camel ride in the middle of the Sahara as the sun sets. 
Santorini, Greece

Let’s take a trip out to the island and just lay up.- Ella Mai
Santorini is definitely for lovers and lovers of the ocean. Lay out on a yacht and catch some sun with a glass of champagne but don’t forget to snap a pic on the clear blue waters for the gram. Watch the sunset and count the stars with your lover. 

Bangkok, Thailand 

The one regret I have is not studying abroad here while in college. Tuition plus 500 bucks, I def missed out. I would of loved to ride on an elephant and get massages everyday for as little as 2 dollars. There are tons of instagrammable gardens, temples and markets that will surely get you tons of likes. It’s also pocket friendly.

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